Hiring A DUI Lawyer Helps Your Long-Term Finances

3.7.2014 | 22:14

Getting charged with a DUI can have long-term financial consequences for the accused, and thus hiring a competent DUI lawyer is critical. A DUI lawyer might seem like an unnecessary expense. But it is worth hiring one and defending yourself as best as possible to have charges dismissed or at least reduced or sentences reduced as much as possible. While the cost of a lawyer might be difficult to bear at the time of the DUI charge, the cost of not fighting it can make a big difference on your long-term financial health.

So how does a DUI hurt financially?

Being charged with a DUI has financial consequences immediate and long-term. There is the immediate cost of getting out of jail and posting bond. Then a sentence usually involves a fee to cover court expenses as well as for “restitution.”

In the long-term a DUI can affect your financial health as well. This is mostly because it will show up on your criminal record that employers and possibly credit agencies can view during background checks. If you do not promptly pay for fees/restitution costs or have a lawsuit related to the DUI, then credit agencies will be notified. Every time you apply for a loan or credit card, the DUI charge can be taken into account for calculating your credit score. A higher credit score will making it more expensive for you to borrow money because you’ll have to pay a higher rate, or you might not qualify at all.

Having the DUI on your record can also limit the types and number of jobs you qualify for. Employers that conduct background checks will see the DUI on your record. Anything requiring driving as part of job responsibilities will probably be impossible. This could also affect your chances of getting or keeping jobs that require a security clearance or types of job that require a discreet character – such as in banking.

A DUI Lawyer – Huge Expense or Smart Investment?

At the time of a DUI charge, it can be hard to decide on whether the cost of a lawyer will be worth it. And many accused DUI offenders are low on funds anyways. But when you consider the long-term financial impacts of having a full charge and sentence on your record, the hiring of a DUI lawyer starts to look more like a smart investment. Anything that can be done to eliminate, or reduce the charge or length of time before it is removed from your driving or criminal record can be of incredible long-term benefit. It is worth the effort to put up a defense. An experienced DUI lawyer will know how the systems works and be able to perform this service much more effectively than an offender can on their own.

If you find yourself facing a DUI, do your bottom line a favor and hire an experienced DUI lawyer. In the long-run your wallet will thank you.

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