Hiring A Criminal Lawyer Is Not A Waste Of Your Money

15.7.2014 | 23:41

There are many reasons why you might need a criminal lawyer at some point in your life. Hiring a criminal lawyer is in your best interests if you are being charged with a crime. If you are planning to fight that speeding ticket you received, or you want to take your neighbor to court for a tree, that would not require a criminal lawyer. However, if there is a charge against you that may require some jail time, that is when you want to hire a Criminal Lawyer.

A criminal lawyer will be there to answer questions for you right after being hired. They will be with you through the entire process. There may be times that you will be speaking with a person or people that have been retained as staff by your lawyer. The criminal lawyer can explain all aspects of the process to you, and also answer all questions you may have pertaining to your case. The lawyer will explain in detail what the charges are, and what the outcome could be in court. The lawyer will also explain the sentencing guidelines and tell you what you can expect.

A criminal lawyer will have a staff on retainer that they have to assist them. The staff may include a paralegal, and up to investigators. If there is a time that you cannot reach the lawyer to discuss some issue or question, there will be an available person that can call you back or be in contact to discuss the issue with you. The Investigator will gather any witnesses that may have been there when the alleged crime took place. These witnesses will be questioned and all evidence will be gathered to assist in your case.

The criminal lawyer that you have hired, will be with you during all court proceedings. At the end of trial, if an appeal is necessary, the lawyer will file that and any other motions or needing documents throughout the process. Criminal lawyers can negotiate for a plea bargain, a lighter sentence or a more lenient sentence; depending on the crime and the prosecutor, along with the Judge’s discretion. The sentence could range anywhere from time served, community service or a shorter amount of years sentenced. The criminal lawyer will likely remain with you as your lawyer throughout any appeal process.

Criminal lawyers do charge a fee for their services; it is not the same as when you pay if you win, on a contingency basis. Criminal lawyers may require a retainer fee, upfront, before they begin to assist you with your case. Any remaining amount may be arranged on a payment schedule by you, or another party. This will be in a contract form agreement.

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