University of Phoenix criminal justice overview: The programs that Matter

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University of Phoenix criminal justice introduction: The programs

The University of Devlin Phoenix Online provides only two criminal justice and police programs, one undergraduate and the other graduate level.

The Bachelor’s degree in Law enforcement Justice Administration is a four-year program that incorporates the topics of policing, criminal law, and corrections, besides offering a broad outlook on the study of criminal activity and justice in American society. The course is created to groom experts working in the field of criminal justice for administrative, supervisory, and leadership positions that require a higher level of ability and responsibility than the foot patrols. As a student of the BS degree in criminal justice administration, you will be educated in how to handle human relations and fix social disputes, law breakers, besides finding out the best ways to utilize the most recent innovation to spot, fix, and battle crime with technology. Your operate in a position of significance and dependability will include working with subordinates, peers, and superiors. This program will inculcate in you the competence required for interpersonal interaction, administrative decision-making and personnel management. Professionalism on the job and the ethical values that govern the occupation are also dealt with in the curriculum.

The undergraduate course is a great stepping-stone for specialists in the criminal justice field who are seeking to advance their careers or branch into a varied expertise. The course consists of subjects like Organized Crime, Contemporary Issues in Lawbreaker Justice, Skills for Professional Advancement, Intro to Criminal Justice, Criminology, Crook Law, Wrongdoer Procedure, Interpersonal Communications, Intro to Policing, Lawbreaker Court Systems, Intro to Corrections, Juvenile Justice, Ethics in Bad guy Justice, Cultural Diversity in Wrongdoer Justice, Research approaches in Lawbreaker Justice, Organizational Habits and Management, Crook Justice Administration, Lawbreaker Justice Administration, Criminal Justice Policy Analysis, Handling Lawbreaker Justice Personnel, Futures of Bad guy Justice, and an Interdisciplinary Capstone Course. Each course carries three credits.

The Master of Science in Administration of Justice and Security prepares undergraduate students and specialists in the criminal justice field for management functions in criminal justice and security programs. Promotions and shifts throughout the numerous areas of criminal justice like law enforcement, corrections, security, and court operations are quickly helped with if you have a master’s degree in an associated discipline. This program will train you in problem-solving techniques in security and justice organizations.

The degree consists of courses such as Survey of Justice and Security, Organizational Administration and Behavior, Management of Institutional Danger, Ethics in Justice and Security, Criminological Theory, Legal Issues in Justice and Security, Vital Event Management, Cyber Criminal offense and Info Systems Security, Public Policy Issues, Concepts of Physical and Personal Defense, Forensic Science and Psychological Profiling, and Program Advancement and Assessment. Each course carries 3 credits.

The problem is while the courses sound excellent exactly what you will truly get is more of management education instead of more of criminal justice education. If you are choosing UoP, be ready to anticipate a management orientation instead of a criminal justice orientation. The sharp concentrate on criminal justice is missing.

Commit A Crime In Thailand? Don’t Even Think About It

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Thinking of Committing a Criminal offense In Thailand? Think twice!

Unmarked Tahoe
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While visiting a foreign nation, a U.S. citizens are subject to that country’s laws and regulations, which often differ in large part from those in the United States and may not enable for the defenses offered to the individual citizen under U.S. law. Therefore, breaking the law can be more severe than in the US for similar offenses due to local country laws. Persons breaking Thai laws, even unknowingly, might be expelled, jailed or imprisoned, or put to death.

In this connection, it is a crime to make unfavorable comments about the King or other members of the royal family. Thais hold the King in the highest regard, and it is a substantial crime to make crucial or defamatory comments about him or his family. The laws are meant to protect them. This particular criminal offense, called “lese majeste,” is punishable by a jail sentence of 5 to 12 years. Deliberately tearing or destroying Thai bank notes (ie currency), which has an image of the King, may be thought about such an offense, as can spitting on or otherwise defiling an official uniform bearing royal insignia. In the US, there would be no such crime.

The Thai Federal government has publicly specified that it will not endure the use of Thai territory as a base by groups attempting to topple or destabilize the federal governments of close-by countries. Many American people have actually been arrested or detained under suspicion of carrying out such activities or threats in the past; sometimes these jailings are carried out by military authorities or the police, and the Embassy does not find out of them till many days after the truth is known and then it may be to late. Many other Americans thought of promoting the armed overthrow of other governments have been “blacklisted” from going into the country. Americans ought to know that efforts to overthrow foreign federal governments by force might break U.S. law along with Thai law and will cause a death sentence to be enacted.

Penalties for the possession of, use of, or trafficking in illegal drugs in Thailand are severe. Convicted wrongdoers can anticipate long prison sentences under extreme conditions, and typically heavy fines also. Thailand likewise has a capital punishment for major drug offenses, and has performed convicted traffickers. The United States Embassy regularly does not discover of the arrest of U.S. people for minor drug offenses, especially in southern Thailand, until numerous days after the incident.


The Legal Status of Identity Theft Cases

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The Legal Status of Identity Theft Cases
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The law is not a stagnant item. It is continuously altering, evolving and adjusting to brand-new circumstances and brand-new criminal offenses that must be recognized and understood so proper laws can be passed to protect honest individuals from the unethical citizens among us. This can be a difficult procedure, particularly in this age when criminal activities utilizing the internet make detection and evidence so difficult by law enforcement and DOJ.

Identity theft is an ideal example of a criminal activity that ought to be aggressively assaulted from the police community. However since it is a crime that is always changing and adjusting, it is often difficult for the legal police community to get a company definition of what identity theft is and especially ways to codify it into a system of laws that can be utilized to successfully stop it.

Most likely the biggest problem with enforcing laws that will lead to the conviction of identity burglars is to develop ways to keep the evidence long enough to look for a conviction. Up until we can offer police adequate tools both to determine and capture identity theft crooks then to collect adequate evidence to get a conviction, identity theft will continue to be an allusive enemy.

Unlike a murder where there is a weapon and a corpse or bank burglary where there are physical types of evidence, much of the footprint of identity theft occurs in cyberspace where there are couple of finger prints and tracing the path of the criminal is difficult at best and rarely is caught. Because of the methods available, locating identity burglars looks like the issues legal experts have in defining and after that locating cyber stalkers/merchants who can be so evasive in an online world.

Consumers who are struck with identity theft deal with 2 hurdles. One is to stop the ongoing stealing by burglars who can continue to do their damage even after the criminal offense has been identified. The other is to discover the bad guys and make it stop. Customers are annoyed since law enforcement strikes roadblocks in their examinations of identity theft cases. However police experts are also annoyed due to the fact that those who may have the evidence they have to record, prosecute and found guilty identity burglars frequently not have that proof that is frantically needed to stop this distinct 21st century criminal offense.

In order to offer police exactly what they require, companies that offer consumer information should be managed it more closely. One big “hole” in the legal system which prefers identity thieves and puts customers at a disadvantage is that companies that market customer information do not need to inform customers when their information is being passed along to another agency or company. Therefore, once a customer supplies his/her private information to a particular business, that information can be packaged and resold without constraint to as numerous buyers who care to line up to purchase it and the customer has no idea this is going on. So this is a level of customer protection that can be resolved lawfully by requiring any company that collects buyer details must be needed to notify consumers when that data is being sold and who they are offering it to. If every customer can maintain a complete trail of who is getting their private details, that would empower the economic sector to partner with the legal community to put a stop to this level of criminal activity.

If additional laws might be enhanced to require longer retention of deals of this nature and open access of those records to law enforcement, we would be offering our legal system the weapons they have to stop this crime. And that would be an advance for all society to make the world, the cyber world consisted of, a more secure place for all of us to be in.


Crime Fighting Computer Systems and Databases

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Crime Combating Computer Systems as well as Databases

As criminal offense globalizes, so does criminal offense fighting. Mobsters, serial killers, and terrorists cross state lines as well as borders effortlessly, utilizing the most up to date breakthroughs in information media, public transport, telecoms, and local area network. The police – there are 16,000 law enforcement agencies in the Unites States alone – is never quite much behind the bad gauys.

Quotes from the main Web pages of a few of these data sources:

Its goal is to integrate investigative and functional support functions, research, and training in order to give support, without charge, to government, state, neighborhood, and also international law enforcement agencies examining uncommon or repeated fierce criminal activities. The NCAVC also provides assistance with expertise and also assessment in non-violent issues such as nationwide safety and security, corruption, as well as white-collar crime examinations.

It consists of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), Youngster Abduction and also Serial Murder Investigative Resources Center (CASMIRC), as well as Terrible Criminal Thought Program (VICAP).

VICAP is a nationwide data info facility created to collect, collate, and assess crimes of violence – especially murder. It looks at and examines the significant characteristics of all murders, as well as various other fierce offenses. Then there is the Murder Investigation Tracking System (HITS). A program within the Washington state’s Attorney general’s Office that tracks as well as investigates homicides and also rapes. Also, Fierce Crime Linkage System (ViCLAS). Canada-wide computer system that aids specifically educated private investigators to recognize serial criminal activities as well as lawbreakers by focusing on the affiliations that exist amongst crimes by the very same culprit. This system was developed by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Cops) in the very early 1990s. Also see, UTAP, means The Utah Crook Tracking and Analysis Task. Gathers professionals from forensic scientific research, crime scene analysis, psychiatry and other areas to screen unresolved situations for regional law enforcement agencies. International Lawbreaker Police Organization (ICPO) – Interpol’s DNA Entrance.

Provides for the transfer of account information between 2 or even more countries and also for the contrast of accounts that conform to Interpol standards in a centralized database. Detectives could access the data source using their Interpol National Central Bureau (NCB) using Interpol’s secure global cops communications system, I-24/ 7. Interpol’s I-24/ 7.

International communication system to attach its member nations and supply them with easy to use access to police information. Using this system, Interpol National Central Bureaus (NCBs) can search as well as cross-check information in a matter of seconds, with direct and also immediate access to databases having essential info (ASF Small database of worldwide offenders, digital notifications, swiped motor vehicles, stolen/lost/counterfeit traveling and ID documents, taken masterpieces, settlement cards, finger prints and also photographs, a terrorism watch list, a DNA database, disaster sufferer recognition, international weapons monitoring as well as trafficking in human beings-related info, etc). Interpol Fingerprints. Offers info on the advancement and also implementation of fingerprinting systems for the general public and international law enforcement entities. Europol (European Union’s criminal knowledge firm) Computer system System (TECS). Member States can straight input data right into the details system in conformity with their nationwide treatments, and Europol can directly input information supplied by non EU Member States and also 3rd bodies. Additionally provides analyses and indexing companies.

Hiring A Criminal Lawyer Is Not A Waste Of Your Money

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There are many reasons why you might need a criminal lawyer at some point in your life. Hiring a criminal lawyer is in your best interests if you are being charged with a crime. If you are planning to fight that speeding ticket you received, or you want to take your neighbor to court for a tree, that would not require a criminal lawyer. However, if there is a charge against you that may require some jail time, that is when you want to hire a Criminal Lawyer.

A criminal lawyer will be there to answer questions for you right after being hired. They will be with you through the entire process. There may be times that you will be speaking with a person or people that have been retained as staff by your lawyer. The criminal lawyer can explain all aspects of the process to you, and also answer all questions you may have pertaining to your case. The lawyer will explain in detail what the charges are, and what the outcome could be in court. The lawyer will also explain the sentencing guidelines and tell you what you can expect.

A criminal lawyer will have a staff on retainer that they have to assist them. The staff may include a paralegal, and up to investigators. If there is a time that you cannot reach the lawyer to discuss some issue or question, there will be an available person that can call you back or be in contact to discuss the issue with you. The Investigator will gather any witnesses that may have been there when the alleged crime took place. These witnesses will be questioned and all evidence will be gathered to assist in your case.

The criminal lawyer that you have hired, will be with you during all court proceedings. At the end of trial, if an appeal is necessary, the lawyer will file that and any other motions or needing documents throughout the process. Criminal lawyers can negotiate for a plea bargain, a lighter sentence or a more lenient sentence; depending on the crime and the prosecutor, along with the Judge’s discretion. The sentence could range anywhere from time served, community service or a shorter amount of years sentenced. The criminal lawyer will likely remain with you as your lawyer throughout any appeal process.

Criminal lawyers do charge a fee for their services; it is not the same as when you pay if you win, on a contingency basis. Criminal lawyers may require a retainer fee, upfront, before they begin to assist you with your case. Any remaining amount may be arranged on a payment schedule by you, or another party. This will be in a contract form agreement.


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Top Reasons To Hire An Injury Lawyer

9.7.2014 | 23:25

When you’ve been injured in an accident, it can be a confusing experience. It can be difficult to know what to do. It can be difficult to know if you should file a personal injury lawsuit or hire a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawsuit can be filed under many circumstances. Basically any circumstance where you are mentally or physically injured due to negligence or wrongdoings of another party can be means for filing a personal injury case.

Once you’ve decided that you want to file a personal injury case, the most logical step is to hire an injury lawyer. An injury lawyer can help you in many ways, and it’s always a good idea to have a lawyer. In personal injury cases, insurance agencies will often try to make you agree to quick settlements for fast money. Hiring an injury lawyer will ensure you get as much money as you deserve.

Being injured in an accident is a horrible experience. Many people may endure long term health effects that can be costly and physically exhausting. In addition to being painful and stressful, being injured in an accident can also be remarkably expensive. Lost work time, medical bills, repair costs, and even more expenses can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed out. A personal injury lawyer can help alleviate this stress and make sure you get every penny you deserve.

A personal injury lawyer understands the law fully and completely. There’s a reason why they go to school for such a long time to study the law. The law is a complicated thing and it changes often. It can be hard to keep up with the changing nature of law, so having somebody on your side who understands the updated law is vitally important. Self-representation in personal injury cases is not nearly as effective as hiring an injury lawyer. Lawyers can work with your specific case and make sure you have a legal personal injury lawsuit on your hands. They can help you calculate costs and make sure you get all the money you deserve.

Insurance agencies will try to get you to settle for as little compensation as possible. They see self-representing people as more vulnerable and will take full advantage of that. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is the only way to make sure you are getting as much financial compensation as you can.

If you’ve been injured and you have a personal injury case on your hands, it only makes sense to hire a personal injury lawyer. They can calculate costs of medical bills and lost work and help get you all of the compensation that you legally deserve. They understand the law well enough to make a case for you and won’t let insurance agencies take advantage of your condition.


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Why A New York Tax Attorney Can Be Just What You Need

6.7.2014 | 23:21

It is not only when the IRS starts sending letters that you should think about calling a New York tax attorney, there are plenty of other good reasons to acquire their services and you could be helped out a lot.

If you are someone who is just starting a new business and need assistance with the tax laws that affect your company, a New York tax attorney can help you understand the complicated rules. Any payroll tax issues you may have can be cleared up by your attorney and late payments may be negotiated in your favor. You can also get help with business contracts and unpaid taxes.

Doing business internationally can involve serious risks and unique rules and standards for tax laws. You can get a New York tax attorney who specialized in international tax laws and knows how to put you in a good position moving forward. They can also help reduce your tax liabilities and help you save money long term.

When you are in a tax court process and need answers, your New York tax attorney can go to work for you and really help. You may need an attorney to go to court and do research on your behalf. Your attorney can also recommend options on how to proceed and stay with you through the entire process. They can also help you gather evidence and sort it out so you can present the best case.

You can also get sound advice on possible bankruptcy filings and how it can affect you financially. Bankruptcy can be a helpful way to get your finances back on track but the way you go about doing it can make a big difference. Your New York tax attorney can tell you the best time to file and work out a plan that works for your situation. You can maximize your savings and make things less stressful for you.

Having someone who can help you with tax planning and getting your financial house in order is another benefit of hiring a tax attorney. You can save a lot of money by increasing your tax deductions and your attorney can show you how to do it. Keeping things straight and getting all your applicable tax credits is another way your tax attorney can keep more money in your pocket.

It is much better to consult with a New York tax attorney when you think you may have important tax questions or issues than it is to wait too long. Your attorney can really assist you in many ways and provide a professional solution to your tax situation. They specialize in tax laws and are your best resource for staying out of frustrating circumstances.


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Hiring A DUI Lawyer Helps Your Long-Term Finances

3.7.2014 | 22:14

Getting charged with a DUI can have long-term financial consequences for the accused, and thus hiring a competent DUI lawyer is critical. A DUI lawyer might seem like an unnecessary expense. But it is worth hiring one and defending yourself as best as possible to have charges dismissed or at least reduced or sentences reduced as much as possible. While the cost of a lawyer might be difficult to bear at the time of the DUI charge, the cost of not fighting it can make a big difference on your long-term financial health.

So how does a DUI hurt financially?

Being charged with a DUI has financial consequences immediate and long-term. There is the immediate cost of getting out of jail and posting bond. Then a sentence usually involves a fee to cover court expenses as well as for “restitution.”

In the long-term a DUI can affect your financial health as well. This is mostly because it will show up on your criminal record that employers and possibly credit agencies can view during background checks. If you do not promptly pay for fees/restitution costs or have a lawsuit related to the DUI, then credit agencies will be notified. Every time you apply for a loan or credit card, the DUI charge can be taken into account for calculating your credit score. A higher credit score will making it more expensive for you to borrow money because you’ll have to pay a higher rate, or you might not qualify at all.

Having the DUI on your record can also limit the types and number of jobs you qualify for. Employers that conduct background checks will see the DUI on your record. Anything requiring driving as part of job responsibilities will probably be impossible. This could also affect your chances of getting or keeping jobs that require a security clearance or types of job that require a discreet character – such as in banking.

A DUI Lawyer – Huge Expense or Smart Investment?

At the time of a DUI charge, it can be hard to decide on whether the cost of a lawyer will be worth it. And many accused DUI offenders are low on funds anyways. But when you consider the long-term financial impacts of having a full charge and sentence on your record, the hiring of a DUI lawyer starts to look more like a smart investment. Anything that can be done to eliminate, or reduce the charge or length of time before it is removed from your driving or criminal record can be of incredible long-term benefit. It is worth the effort to put up a defense. An experienced DUI lawyer will know how the systems works and be able to perform this service much more effectively than an offender can on their own.

If you find yourself facing a DUI, do your bottom line a favor and hire an experienced DUI lawyer. In the long-run your wallet will thank you.


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Why Should You Hire An Injury Lawyer

2.7.2014 | 22:08

There are many benefits to hiring an injury lawyer. An injury lawyer will have knowledge of the law, the ability to negotiate on your behalf, and will ensure that you have fair representation.

The laws relating to personal injuries tend to vary depending on what your situation is and what state the incident occurred in. An injury attorney will have an intimate knowledge of the laws regarding your situation and will thus know what benefits you are entitled too. Even though you may be able to look up the laws regarding your case on your own a personal injury lawyer will be better able to interpret the laws and make sure they actually apply to your situation. Because injury lawyers have an intimate knowledge of the law hiring one will make sure that you have the best possible knowledge of the laws at your disposal. Hiring an injury lawyer will make sure that you will be represented by someone that has a full knowledge of the law.

Hiring an injury lawyer will also mean that you will have someone who has the ability to negotiate on your side. Insurance companies make money by under paying victims of injury accidents. If you allow them to do so they will offer you as small a settlement as possible. When negotiating a settlement you need someone with experience on your side and hiring an injury lawyer will make sure you have that experience on your side. When you get injured are looking to settle you need experience negotiating on your behalf and an injury lawyer has the experience necessary to negotiate for you.

Finally hiring an injury lawyer will ensure that you are fairly represented in court. Sometimes insurance companies offer settlements that are inadequate and you have to take the case to court in order to be compensated properly. If you are offered a settlement that is unfair a personal injury lawyer will represent you in court. Hiring an injury lawyer is necessary if you think you may end up in court.

Remember that most injury lawyers work for a contingency fee. This means that you pay them based on a percentage of what you are given by the company. This fee can be as high as forty percent so be sure to shop around when you are looking for an injury lawyer. You want to get as much money as you can so your medical expenses will be taken care of so be sure to shop around.

There are many different reasons why you should hire an injury attorney. Hiring an injury attorney gives you an advisor that is knowledgeable, can negotiate on your behalf, and is able to represent you in court.


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